A statistic that blew my mind this week

Since launching in 2002, Amazon Web Services has grown to dominate the public cloud in quite the same way that Amazon has dominated online commerce overall. Many of the services people use every day like Netflix run on AWS, although nobody really thinks about it much until there’s an outage.

In her series of articles earlier this year where she attempted to cut out various Big Tech(tm) players from her life, Kashmir Hill described avoiding Amazon as “nearly impossible.”

Amazon has embedded itself so thoroughly into the infrastructure of modern life, and into the business models of so many companies, including its competitors, that it’s nearly impossible to avoid it.

Kashmir Hill, “I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible

So it’s not surprising that the infrastructure that backs the world’s largest and most dominant public cloud platform is massive. But the statistic that stood out the most for me was this:

Each day, AWS adds as much infrastructure as they used to run in total 7 years back.

Jeff Desjardins, “The Impressive Stats Behind Amazon’s Dominance of the Cloud

You read that correctly: Amazon deployed as much infrastructure into their environment today as they ran in total in August of 2012.

Enjoy additional mind blowing stats from RapidValue Solutions’ recent infographic after the jump.

Amazon Web Services – Ruling the Cloud (RapidValue Solutions)

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